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Who We Are

Celestial Innovative Solutions (CIS) specializes in facilities management, acquisitions management, and construction builds.  We provide these services to Federal, State, and County governments as well as commercial customers.  We focus on the quality which in turn quantifies the work we are able to provide customers ensuring optimal decisions. We provide our proven systems to deliver on this promise.


What We Do

Facilities Management & Construction Build Out

Our facilities management services use an interdisciplinary approach to coordinate space, infrastructure, and people that are easily integrated with minimal interruption to day-to-day operations. We turn customer’s vision into a reality.

Professional Administrative Services

Our professional administrative services relieve customers of the responsibility of day-to-day operations, but retain policy control. We scrutinize every recommendation and expenditure to ensure that we meet our commitment of fiscal responsibility.

Management Consulting Services

Our management consulting services ensures the greatest customer and stakeholder satisfaction by helping them help you achieve more with less in strategic alignment with their mission and objectives. Our strategic capabilities span the gamut of management consulting.

We Create Fully Connected Management Cycles So You Can Focus On Your Business

From planning, to design, to testing, to execution, Celestial ensures a tight approach program management so you can focus on growing your business.

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Celestial is self-certified as a minority owned business.  Celestial received its certification from the State of Virginia.

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