Here's a growing collection of networks which consist anime/manga, game shrines/tributes and more! The sites below are sorted alphabetically for easy navigation. There are 5 collectives total.

Update Archives
August 31, 2016 451 Visits • [ www ]
Disclosure is a news archive where all network updates are located here so you can see what has occurred recently in each category.

Pokémon - Clair
March 04, 2017 203 Visits • [ www ]
Draconique is a shrine featuring Clair (Ibuki) from the anime series Pokémon. She a Blackthorn city gym leader known to specialize dragon-type Pokémon.

Resources Directory
February 04, 2016 481 Visits • [ www ]
Equinox, a list of resources we used, such as brushes, images, tutorials, etc., to establish our sites you see today.

April 25, 2017 85 Visits • [ www ]
Quintessence, an online portfolio archiving various past web layouts made by us. They come in different categories such as anime/manga, video games, etc.

Fanlisting Collective
December 10, 2015 439 Visits • [ www ]
Skylude is a fanlisting collective with various fanlistings approved by TFL & TAFL mainly based on anime/manga and video games. Feel free to join up!

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